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«Снежная Королева» в Los Altos Hills 9 сентября

Средняя студии «Играем в театр» (руководитель Маша Фарбер)
представляет «Снежная Королева» - Пьеса-сказка в 4х действиях,
написанная Евгением Шварцем, по сказке Ганса Христиана Андерсена

Пожалуйста, поддерживайте наших рекламодателей посещая их бизнесы и мероприятия - без них наша газета не может существовать!

Ольга Бородина в Беркли 30 сентября

Ольга Бородина, меццо-сопрано
Дмитрий Ефимов, фортепиано

Воскр., 30 сент., 3 ч. дня.
Zellerbach Hall
$36, $48, $68

Пожалуйста, поддерживайте наших рекламодателей посещая их бизнесы и мероприятия - без них наша газета не может существовать!

«Несомненно, самый красивый голос среди вокалистов на сцене».
Нью-Йорк Таймс

Odessa Ratings

City of Odessa rated 'AA-(ukr)' with stable outlook

MUMBAI (Thomson Financial) - Fitch Ratings has assigned the Ukrainian city of Odessa a national long-term rating of 'AA-(ukr)', long-term foreign and local currency ratings of 'B+', and short-term foreign currency rating of 'B' with a stable outlook.

The ratings reflect Odessa's strong and diversified local economy that allows for stable budgetary performance, its high capital spending, improved debt structure, significant budget rigidity and heavy reliance on a single revenue source for financing capital investments, Fitch said.

Евреи в роду Гитлера?

Клятва: у Гитлеров не должно быть детей
Беттина Зайпп

Orthodox Jew, Boxing Champion from Odessa

San Francisco area movie screenings: Castro Theatre - July 22 2007 7:00pm, The Roda Theatre - July 30 2007 6:30pm, Aquarius Theatre - August 1 2007 8:30pm, Christopher B. Smith Rafael Film Center - August 4 2007 12:15pm.

Orthodox Stance (Part of special program Jewish Boxers)
Directed by: Jason Hutt, Language: English, Russian, English subtitles.

Dmitriy Salita will attend in San Francisco; director Jason Hutt in San Francisco and Berkeley.

Odessa Jews

Odessa - Benya Krik, the story goes, was a gangster so smooth that when a lackey of his accidentally killed an innocent man, Krik arranged a show funeral for all Odessa to pay its respects to the deceased. At the end of the funeral, Krik turned everyone's eyes to another casket - that of his lackey, killed by Krik to show the gangster meant no ill will toward non-enemies.

Big Trouble in Little China

Industry in the Far East is booming - and of course, the United States has had their hand in helping that boom: in 2006, the U.S. imported 40% of their goods from China.

One of the unfortunate side effects of mass industrialization in a country that is often ill equipped to deal with the burgeoning demand for their goods are serious environmental issues. Case in point: the quality of the water in China.


Песня группуы "Рапка" называется "Одесситы" (Видео c Utube)

62 Years after Holocaust, Jews in Germany Thrive

Every Friday evening, Conny Jarosch and her 6-year-old daughter, Alisa, each light two candles, raise their hands to their closed eyes, and recite an ancient Hebrew prayer to welcome the Sabbath.

Conny’s husband, Siegfried, 42, blesses the wine and bread while his father, Gerhard, a 94-year-old Holocaust survivor, sings from his prayer book at the head of the table.

An ordinary Sabbath, but celebrated in an unexpectedly vibrant Jewish community, the fastest growing in the world according to the World Jewish Congress: Germany’s.

Kiev's Pecherskaya Lavra - Ukraine's historic treasure decays amid money crunch

The workers standing on ladders at one of the churches at the Monastery of the Caves weren’t touching it up for visitors to Ukraine’s top tourist draw—they were trying to keep bricks from crashing down on their heads.

The monastery, a sprawling complex of richly decorated churches and candlelit caves containing monks’ tombs dating from the 11th century, is sliding into serious disrepair. Its golden-domed bell tower, the tallest point on the Kiev skyline, has been closed to visitors for years because of insufficient funds for restoration. Part of the cave network collapsed in 2005.

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